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The main purpose of an LEV system is to reduce the level of hazardous materials in the working atmosphere, so that they do not present a threat to the health and safety of workers. An LEV system must be well designed and constructed, properly used and maintained in good condition to be fully effective.

We can test LEV systems to ensure they are fit for the purpose and are operating effectively. These tests are carried out in accordance with the principles given in the HSE guidance document HS (G) 54 "Maintenance, examination and testing of local exhaust ventilation" (1998), to comply with Reg. 9 of the COSHH Regulations.

The following types of testing are carried out:

  • Initial system inspection
  • Annual examination and performance testing
  • Full reporting including recommendations for maintenance or upgrading
  • Air sampling to measure employee exposure to hazardous substances to confirm adequacy of control . This is best carried out at the same time as the LEV performance testing, to ensure that levels are being maintained below Occupational Exposure Limits.